Hajj Ka Saman

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In front of the sacred tomb of The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), say respectfully “Assalamu alaika, ayyuhan-nabiyya wa rahmatul-lahi wa barakatuhu” and then say “Assalatu was-salamu alaika ya Rasul-Allah” “Assalatu was-salamu alaika ya Nabi-yallah” “Assalatu was-salamu alaika ya Habib-Allah” Then supplicate to God about your life and after death matters. Salam on both companions of Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) Hazrat Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him) and Hazrat Umar(may Allah be pleased with him). It is advised that you have to offer forty prayers in this mosque, but it is not compulsory and it is rewarding if done otherwise there is no sin. Here are few other holy places that should be visited like Masjid Quba (first mosque in the history of Islam) , Jannat al-Baqee, graves of Hazrat Hamzah (martyrs of Uhud) and Masjid Qiblatain. Offer two raka’ats of nafl in this mosque, which is equal to one Umrah, before leaving this holy city offer salam again the Prophet (peace be upon him) pray to Allah and hope to return.

Hajj ka saman


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